Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Last (For a While Anyways) Great COMC Binge - The Relics

Getting down to the good stuff here, and it starts off real weird - here's a 2000 Absolute Leather and Laces Game Used Football card of Duce Staley, Serial 13/350:
The ball isn't the weird part, as it's a beautiful cut - looks like it could even be part of the N in NFL. The odd part is the mention of the card this ball is from, on the right of the card there. It's a game between the Packers and the Eagles that the Packers won...huh?

The back lets us know exactly what happened that day for Duce, which is sweet:
So Green Bay won 24-16, but Duce ran for 4.0 YPC and 92.3% of Philly's rushing offense that day. Or, you know, 60 yards. We still don't know that he even touched this ball, but this card definitely is more specific than almost any relic card I have ever seen. So...pretty cool!

The next card is also from a specific date, though this card doesn't mention it. From 5/17/03 (the rookie premiere), I bring you Seneca Wallace's Finite jersey:
This is another one of those "been chasing it forever, never bought it" cards of mine. Finally bit the bullet and I'm glad, since it looks terrific in hand. Now when I see 39347589237532 on Ebay I can gladly avoid them all, instead of debating dropping $5-6 on this thing.

And finally, last jersey card of the lot, we have another Duce Staley - this one's from Upper Deck Ovation:
Normally I don't go so Duce heavy with lots, but I think this card was 95 cents when all was said and done. I'll take a pretty big jersey window of a favorite player of mine for under a buck, thank you very much!

So only 3 relics - not too bad when you consider that I only spent $20. I think the autos really tie the lot together though - let's see if you agree when you read tomorrow's fifth and final installment of the last great COMC binge!


  1. That Finite Jersey card is nice. I love when cards are specific as to where the relic came from.

  2. I didn't know you collected Staley. I'm going to have to dig through my football stuff now...

  3. Yup, he was one of the few guys (along with Brett Bodine and most of the 1995 Atlanta Braves roster) that I collected prior to blogging. Also the first football jersey I ever owned.