Friday, July 30, 2010

The Last (For a While Anyways) Great COMC Binge - The Autographs

So here we are, the final three cards of my binge. All autographs, all excellent, but one is more excellent than all of the rest! So I'll order them 3 to 1, 3 being cool, 2 being super cool, and 1 being one of my favorite pc cards to date.

3. Tyronn Lue Sage Gold Auto, Serial 124/200:
You may recall my post where I bragged about winning the Bronze parallel of this auto for 75 cents combined on Ebay. The gold version wasn't that cheap, but was still cheap, and still looks good. Plus I honestly never grow tired of that signature - sort of makes me want to cut off the last 1/3 of my first name and just sign stuff Ti. Think people would get me confused with the recording artist? Or just one of the girls from Sister Sister?

2. Michael Bishop 1999 Collector's Edge Auto, Serial 459/2200:
Nice looking border, interesting looking sig (thought you can read the M, the Bishop, and the 7) - man I love this card. Michael Bishop was one of my very favorite players growing up, yet I never pay any attention to his collection, and so this is somehow only my third card of his. Needless to say it immediately became my best card of his - definitely a crazy looking card, but a nice one!

1. 07 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Rich Hill Auto:
Say what you will about Rich Hill - I know he walks too many guys, I know his auto didn't belong in 2009 Ginter (or 2010 Ginter for that matter), and I know he's bounced around 4 minor league systems in the past 3 seasons. But even if he never approaches his 2007 season again, you have to admit that his signature is a terrific one. Big curving R, huge under loop on the H, two nicely rounded l's, and his number thrown in the corner for good measure. Take that terrific signature, throw it into a set (Masterpieces) which is already gorgeous, design a card where the auto has a perfect space to fit and then make the autograph ON CARD, and you have one of the best cards in my collection. This card was meant for autos, and Rich Hill's auto was meant for cards - truly a match made in card heaven, at least for this collector!

So there you have it, the last shopping spree I will have on COMC for at least a little while. How do you guys think I did? I know it's a little hard to judge - many of you chase teams, sets, and/or decent players, while I chase career minor leaguers and flameouts - but I still think I did quite nice. Knocked some tricky cards out of the need pile for many of my collections, picked up some gorgeous looking cards, and got a few posts out of it in the process. All in a collecting day's work!

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