Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Somewhat New Non-NFL Football League? SIGN ME UP!

I haven't really paid a lot of attention to the UFL so far, but after reading a piece today about how D.J. Shockley is thinking of trying out for the league's newest, currently quarterback-less team, I have to say that I'm intrigued. Now granted, a lot of this has to do with my love of also rans/terrible players, as leagues like these guarantee those guy playing time, meaning that my favorite players get starting jobs. However, this league has quite a few names that even you guys might know...check out some of these dudes who will be playing in the UFL in 2010, according to the current rosters:
QB's: Daunte Culpepper, Brooks Bollinger, Tim Rattay, and Josh McCown.

RB's: Ahman Green, Marcel Shipp, John David Washington (Denzel's kid), Chris Perry (the former Bengal), Domenic Rhodes, Tatum Bell (he of the luggage stealing), and Aveion Cason (a personal favorite of mine).

WR's: Former Texan Speedster Jerome Mathis, Samie Parker, and Craphonso Thorpe (former GSNHOF nominee!).

TE's: Patriot Great Jermaine Wiggins and George Wrightster.

OL: A TON of former NFLers - Seth Wand, George Foster, Shawn Andrews (maybe), and Martin Bibla stand out.

DL: Wendell Bryant, Hollis Thomas (maybe), Chike Okeafor (maybe), Antwaan Lake, Ross Kolodziej (my favorite player in the entire league), and Patrick Chukwurah (my 3rd favorite player in the entire league, after Kolodziej and Cason).

LB's: Edgerton Hartwell, Odell Thurman, and Zeke Moreno.

DB's: DeMarcus Faggins (maybe), Nick Ferguson (maybe), Willie Andrews, Stuart Schweigert, Tony Parrish, Ahmad Carroll, and Fahkir Brown.

Now sure, plenty of these guys aren't good enough to make an NFL team, whether due to age or talent. But unlike the XFL, which took a small smattering of ex-NFLers but mostly went with random dudes to fill rosters, the UFL looks to be filling it's rosters with plenty of NFL experience in hopes that it rubs off on the non-NFL guys. Will this league play at the same level as the NFL? Probably not. Will I be so psyched to watch it? Heck yeah. So good luck UFL...you'll have at least one guy trying to watch your games!

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