Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too Many Cards from Too Many Grandersons

Okay, there's no such thing as too many cards (try telling my girlfriend that, amirite fellas, amirite?), but Too Many Grandersons sent me a whole bunch in our trade recently. If all of his trade packages are this cool then I highly recommend trading with him, because I think I did quite well!

I'll start off with 1 of 2 cards I knew I was getting for sure in this trade, a 2010 Sweet Spot Josh Cribbs card from his time at Kent State:
TMG had just busted a box of Sweet Spot and pulled this card, so I asked if I could have it and he said sure. I LOVE it, for one because it's a fantastic card in general, but for two that it's a card of Josh Cribbs as a QB. He's now only an occasional QB, mostly in wildcat packages and the like, but it's cool that this card represents his quarterbacking past.

These next two cards I didn't expect, but they made me very, very, very happy since I kept almost picking them up and now they're finally mine. Ladies and gents, Toe Nash:
Dude dropped out of school in 7th or 8th grade, ended up playing in Latin America after years of farm work, tried out for major league teams, and was basically the cream of the crop as far as prospects went in 2001. The next Babe Ruth basically, better than Pujols, etc., etc.

Then he got arrested for a ton of stuff, his career derailed, and he never even sniffed organized baseball, let alone major league baseball, again. Sad tale of promise lost.

That said, the potential was great, and the name was potentially greater, so I've always wanted one of his cards. And now I have two. So cool!

This next card is A BEAUT, though its parallel-ness may look familiar to some of my longtime readers. This is a 1997 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion Edition card of Quinton McCracken. The cards in this set supposedly have a print run of 200, so it's a pretty rare/cool card:
I just LOVE how these cards look, the platinum is a nice touch. I may someday be tempted to collect this entire set just because it looks so nice. For now though, I'm happy to have two of the greatest names in the set, Quinton McCracken and Wonderful Monds. And yes, I am counting this card as a cup card. Technically I only count Styrofoam or plastic open cups and not water bottles, but this card rules, so I'll bend the rules. And I know that tarnishes my Hall of Cups...but so be it!

These next 4 cards are all autos/relics...gotta love them:
The Eck was for trade bait, as was the Floyd, whereas the Tabak and the Holmes were there more for great name-ness. I actually LOVE the Floyd, as I'm a huge fan of the 1997 Florida Marlins team and Floyd was a part of that. Plus it's got a stripe, which is also very nice! So thanks for the random throw in TMG, because it ended up being one of my favorite cards in the package hahaha.

These next 9 cards are really, really shiny. And serial #'d. Oooo:
The top 3 are all artist proof cards, including 2 Bubba Trammell cards. My favorite card of this bunch is the 2006 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Wladimir Balentien 125/299, a guy I thought would really take off but never did. I also really love the cosigners cards, especially the Chone Figgins/Gary Matthews card. And it's hard not to love the Taggert Bozied card, so getting a Chrome card of his was pretty sweet as well!

Thanks again for the tremendous cards Too Many Grandersons! I hope you like your Wolverines cards as much as I liked these ones!

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  1. Zan Tabak notwithstanding, I think I still came out ahead. Thanks again for the trade (and all those Rich Hills)!