Saturday, October 9, 2010

The GSNHOF 1995 Bazooka Contest - It's On! Come and See!

It's finally time - I have 9 packs of 1995 Bazooka, and I'm using them for a contest! Here they are in all their glory:
The contest is simple. There were 28 teams in 1995. Comment on this post and choose one of those teams as your team. If that team is the most represented when this break is through (i.e. they're the team with the most cards), then you win.

What do you win? Well, I'm not really sure, but I'll work something out with the winner. You'll be pleased.

So 28 entrants possible, first come first serve. Comment on this post, and I will attach your name to a team!

The Teams:
Atlanta Braves - Hackenbush
Baltimore Orioles - McCann Can Triple
Boston Red Sox - Steven M
California Angels - Play at the Plate
Chicago Cubs - Cubsfan31
Chicago White Sox - Ba Benny
Cincinnati Reds - FanofReds
Cleveland Indians - CalJr3000
Colorado Rockies - Don
Detroit Tigers - AdamE
Florida Marlins - Wicked Ortega
Houston Astros - Cam
Kansas City Royals - TJ
Los Angeles Dodgers - Captain Canuck
Milwaukee Brewers - mvp23
Minnesota Twins - mmmrhubarb
Montreal Expos - Dayf
New York Mets - ...Joe
New York Yankees - Jordan
Oakland Athletics - Bo
Philadelphia Phillies - Dan
Pittsburgh Pirates - henchmeister
San Diego Padres - madding
San Francisco Giants - ARPSmith
Seattle Mariners - Mariner1
St. Louis Cardinals - --David
Texas Rangers - Night Owl
Toronto Blue Jays - Steve D

Good luck!


  1. Das Mets!

    What can I say, I'm a homer. haha

  2. I'll take Cleveland. Not because I like them, I just think they're the most likely.

  3. Reds, because while if I opened those packs there would be one, it seems like everyone else gets tons of 'em.

  4. I'll go with the Blue Jays. Thanks!


  6. I'll take Detroit since that is about all that is left..

  7. Never mind AdamE got. I'll take the last onethe Brewers.