Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bazooka Contest - Packs 7 and 8

6 packs down, and Hackenbush has a 4 card lead on the rest of the field. With only 15 cards left in this whole contest, that lead may be insurmountable. But never say never my friends!

Pack 7 Comic:Bazooka Joe wants you to be in his company? As in like, the corporate company? Or as in like one of his friends. Makes ya wonder.

The pack hopefully is not an omen for tonight:
That'd be three Yankees in one pack, including doubles of Mike Stanley back to back. We also got yet ANOTHER Brave and my favorite card of the break so far, a Marlin Chuck Carr where he's eating sunflower seeds. Nice.

Pack 8 comic:
The Fortune sounds like a bumper sticker. And "jive some unsuspecting folk"? Is this 1952 all of a sudden?

Pack 8 contents:
YET ANOTHER BRAVE...WTF? I mean, don't get me wrong. 1995 me would have loved this pack since I liked the Braves. But that gives us 8 Braves now through 8 packs, including one pack where 3 Braves showed up. Insane, no?

Also appearing, of course, were additional cards of the Mets, Indians, and Rangers, as well as the first San Francisco Giant. This pack might also be the pack with the most star power thus far - Maddux, Bonds, IRod, and Manny back when all four of those chaps meant something. Even Saberhagen wasn't bad!

So there you have it - after 8 of 9 packs Hackenbush is up by 5 cards, or an entire pack. Unless pack 9 is all Indians, Mets, or (yuck) Yankees, Hackenbush is gonna win. So this lack pack will tell all!

Additionally, we've had no red backed parallels yet, despite predicted 1 in 6 pack odds. So maybe Pack 9 will be the charm? I sure hope so, so stay tuned for the exciting finale of this contest!

Standings after 8 of 9 packs:
Atlanta Braves (Hackenbush) - 8
Cleveland Indians (CalJr3000) - 3
New York Mets (...Joe) - 3
New York Yankees (Jordan) - 3
Baltimore Orioles (McCann Can Triple) - 2
Chicago Cubs (Cubsfan31) - 2
Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) - 2
Florida Marlins (Wicked Ortega) - 1
Los Angeles Dodgers (Captain Canuck) - 2
Oakland Athletics (Bo) - 2
St. Louis Cardinals (--David) - 2
Texas Rangers (Night Owl) - 2
Boston Red Sox (Steven M) - 1
Colorado Rockies (Don) - 1
Kansas City Royals (TJ) - 1
Montreal Expos (Dayf) - 1
San Diego Padres (madding) - 1
San Francisco Giants (ARPSmith) - 1
Seattle Mariners (Mariner1) - 1
Toronto Blue Jays (Steve D) - 1
California Angels (Play at the Plate)
Chicago White Sox (Ba Benny)
Detroit Tigers (AdamE)
Houston Astros (Cam)
Milwaukee Brewers (mvp23)
Minnesota Twins (mmmrhubarb)
Philadelphia Phillies (Dan)
Pittsburgh Pirates (henchmeister)


  1. It's a conspiracy I tell you! I would already have a team set of Angels with plenty of dupes!

  2. Hahaha...I do normally pull a lot of Angels too, so I'm just as confused as you!