Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bazooka Contest - Packs 3 & 4

After two of nine packs, Hackenbush and FanofReds are tied atop the leader board. It's early so their leads aren't that big yet, so let's see if packs 3 and 4 change things up!

Now before I rip anything, I should mention something that BA Benny pointed out in the comments of my first 2 packs - there is an insert I can pull in this set, a Red backed subset. Cards on Cards did a box break of this stuff a while back, and he puts the odds for the Red Back inserts at about 1 card per 6 packs. So since I'm opening 9 packs, there's a shot I'll pull at least one - let's hope!

I won't be showing the comic for pack 3, as it was a repeat of the comic from pack 2 - lame! The cards were nice enough though:
Teams are:
- Yet another Brave (Roberto Kelly)
- Yet another Indian (Eddie Murray)
- And the first card for three teams, the Cardinals (Lankford), Padres (HOFer Tony Gwynn), and Expos (Wil Cordero)

I actually really like the shot on the Wil Cordero card, though it's weird to see him at SS since he played a lot of 1B for the Red Sox later in his career. Regardless, good pack for Hackenbush who moves into first, and for Caljr, who moves into a tie for 2nd!

Will pack 2 shake things up? Well at least the comic was different:
"Your homework is like a juicy steak - rarely done!"

Mine is more like an episode of Hoarders - sloppy, but everything's there somewhere.

Anyway, Pack 4:
Second cards for:
- Dodgers (Deshields)
- Orioles (a very cool Mike Mussina card from a year when he went 16-5)
- and the Cardinals (Todd Zeile)
Plus the first cards of this break for:
- Athletics (HOFer Rickey Henderson)
- and Rockies (Walt Weiss)

These packs certainly mixed things up! Same guy in the lead, but 5 people are now just one card behind him, so it's very much anybody's contest, despite only 13 teams being represented in the first 20 cards (seems low to me). Will Hackenbush maintain this lead, or will there be a change in the order during packs 5 and 6? Only time will tell!

Current standings after 4 of 9 packs:
Atlanta Braves (Hackenbush) - 3
Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) - 2
Baltimore Orioles (McCann Can Triple) - 2
Cleveland Indians (CalJr3000) - 2
Los Angeles Dodgers (Captain Canuck) - 2
St. Louis Cardinals (--David) - 2
Colorado Rockies (Don) - 1
Kansas City Royals (TJ) - 1
Montreal Expos (Dayf) - 1
New York Mets (...Joe) - 1
Oakland Athletics (Bo) - 1
San Diego Padres (madding) - 1
Texas Rangers (Night Owl) - 1
Boston Red Sox (Steven M)
California Angels (Play at the Plate)
Chicago Cubs (Cubsfan31)
Chicago White Sox (Ba Benny)
Detroit Tigers (AdamE)
Florida Marlins (Wicked Ortega)
Houston Astros (Cam)
Milwaukee Brewers (mvp23)
Minnesota Twins (mmmrhubarb)
New York Yankees (Jordan)
Philadelphia Phillies (Dan)
Pittsburgh Pirates (henchmeister)
San Francisco Giants (ARPSmith)
Seattle Mariners (Mariner1)
Toronto Blue Jays (Steve D)