Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bazooka Contest - Packs 5 & 6

Through four of nine packs, Hackenbush's Atlanta Braves lead the pack with 3 cards pulled so far. Packs 5 and 6 put us just past the middle point of this 9 pack contest, so let's see what happens with them!

First the pack 5 comic:
Ah that's what I'm talking about, an actual comic! The fortune is even better though, in a very Bill and Ted way.

As for the cards...well let's say Hackenbush did alright:
Yup, that's three Braves in one 5 card pack (Glavine, Olive, and Justice). ...Joe picked up a second Met (Franco), which is good for him, but the card of the pack has to be the Griffey, which I remember being one of my personal favorite cards as a kid (I was 9 in 1995 remember!). Beautiful swing, and the first card for the Mariners, so that's doubly good!

So pack 5 produces a major front runner - maybe pack 6 can balance that out?:
Another inspirational quote - "Today is tomorrow's yesterday, make it count." Who knew Bazooka Joe was such an inspiration?

Pack 6:
Bo's Oakland A's gained a card here (Neel), while every other card in the pack was a first for its team (well, the Cubs gained 2 here with Sosa and Myers). The other two were the first Jay (Gonzalez) and the first Red Sox (Jose Canseco, boo yah!). So good for the Cubs and A's who move into that 7 way tie for 2nd...but not great for the field, as Hackenbush is now 4 up on every other team!

So that's where we stand with 3 packs left. It's a big lead, but anything can happen, right? I'm still just curious about the representation of teams - so far 17 teams have shown up through 30 cards, leaving 11 teams with a zero spot. I wonder how many of those teams will remain at 0 when all is said and done? I mean, it's not exactly the Nachos Grande 1 Orioles through 27 packs dilemma here, but still very odd. Only the next post will tell!

Current standings after 6 of 9 packs:
Atlanta Braves (Hackenbush) - 6
Baltimore Orioles (McCann Can Triple) - 2
Chicago Cubs (Cubsfan31) - 2
Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) - 2
Cleveland Indians (CalJr3000) - 2
Los Angeles Dodgers (Captain Canuck) - 2
New York Mets (...Joe) - 2
Oakland Athletics (Bo) - 2
St. Louis Cardinals (--David) - 2
Colorado Rockies (Don) - 1
Kansas City Royals (TJ) - 1
Montreal Expos (Dayf) - 1
San Diego Padres (madding) - 1
Texas Rangers (Night Owl) - 1
Boston Red Sox (Steven M) - 1
Seattle Mariners (Mariner1) - 1
Toronto Blue Jays (Steve D) - 1
California Angels (Play at the Plate)
Chicago White Sox (Ba Benny)
Detroit Tigers (AdamE)
Florida Marlins (Wicked Ortega)
Houston Astros (Cam)
Milwaukee Brewers (mvp23)
Minnesota Twins (mmmrhubarb)
New York Yankees (Jordan)
Philadelphia Phillies (Dan)
Pittsburgh Pirates (henchmeister)
San Francisco Giants (ARPSmith)

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  1. Crap! I was torn between Atlanta and Cleveland just because both had a lot of good players around that time, but went with Cleveland for some reason. You'd better start pulling some Albert Belles, Carlos Baergas and Jim Thomes!