Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now I Can Finally Call My Seneca Collection Pristine!

I've been on the cusp of completing Seneca's 2003 Pristine set for a while (minus the printing plates of course), with the 3 rarest cards coming in one package and everything else being bought very cheap on COMC or Ebay. I was always especially bummed by this because the 9 non-plate cards fit nicely onto one page. See, Seneca had 3 cards in 2003 Pristine, #'s 129, 130, and 131, and they then each had two additional parallels, for nine cards. They happened to fall exactly onto their own nine card page in my binder so I couldn't wait to complete the set...but the issue was #130's refractor parallel, #'d to a high /499 BUT listed as uncirculated, which means cased and generally more expensive. The stickler in me needed a cased card for the set...curses!

Well one finally showed up on Ebay the other day. And now my Pristine set is complete!
The page kind of kills the shine on most of the cards, but the top row is 129-131 base, the middle is the refractors, and the bottom row is the gold refractors. Gorgeous cards all, and maybe someday I'll pull them out of the pages for a better scan. But the focus today is the extra shiny card in the middle, #130 uncirculated refractor which is finally mine!
Ooo, so shiny. This is the first uncirculated card that I've really wanted to bust out of its case, since cased cards don't go into the binder and I really want this card to go into the binder. So it's either buy a second uncased card or bite the bullet, and I'm feeling like the latter will happen someday. Until then I'm just happy to have picked it up, especially since it's Seneca #199 in my collection with #200 in the mail!

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  1. Looks amazing! The gold versions are sick, and that encased refractor is just pure awesome! And congrats on 200!