Saturday, April 28, 2012

Victory Leaders - with weird animal faces

Back when bipping was for cool kids, somebody sent me a zillion copies of a Ron Guidry/Gaylord Perry Victory Leaders card. I chuckled a bunch, and when I still had them a few months later I tried selling most as a lot on Ebay. They sold, but never got to their destination, and so I had to refund the seller. Almost a year later that package came back to me marker undeliverable as addressed, but still filled with those cards.

These cards just keeps coming back to me, again and again and again! So I had to alter at least one. Took one Beanie Baby face and one "Wild Cat Willie" from WCW face, and next thing you know I had this:
In time I want to do more with these than just gluing heads over faces, but this is my favorite head one so far. Perry's face is hilarious, and I think the Beanie head goes good with the Yankee colors. Not a bad second attempt if ya ask me!

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  1. That's some seriously sweet scissor skills!