Thursday, May 3, 2012

My best Seneca Wallace patch is a freebie, or golly gee card collectors sure are nice!

I believe I've mentioned 0264 roadrunner here before, a forums user with whom I've dealt now on several occasions. We first met a long time ago over a card.  And I shouldn't say just any's his copy of Seneca Wallace's 2003 SPX Winning Materials Patches /75, which has the Seahawks logo centering the Seahawks eye and part of the beak.  In case you didn't know, that makes that card EPIC.  I mean just look at the Seahawks that not pretty intense?
Anywho, that card is part of his master set, so a long time after I found that card he ended up selling me an extra he had on the cheap, which I appreciated because it helped my set along.  We then chatted now and then on the boards over various things, and recently I bought a bunch of neat looking patches off him of guys I like.  Building good rapport as they say in the education business, or just making a good collecting buddy as they say around here.

Anyway, fast forward (or rewind since this is a future post) to 4/20ish.  I get a message on Blowout alerting me to a "surprise" that he has for me.  It's not a new need, but rather an upgrade, but I'll enjoy it.  And he just found it.  So...suspense...what could it be?

I knew it couldn't be the eye, as it's one of his favorite all time sets and one of his favorite all time cards.  But the way he said upgrade, I just KNEW this card had to have some sort of a sweet patch.  Yet I was clueless as to what it could be!

Turns out he found ANOTHER Seahawks eye in that /75 print run that popped up on Ebay, and he purchased it immediately knowing I would love it to surprise me.  How freaking sweet is that?  And impressive...I generally catch about everything new Seneca on Ebay within the hour - I mean the 4th plate I picked up was purchased and paid for within 11 minutes of being posted online.  So kudos to roadrunner for beating me to the Ebay chase.

But especially kudos to the card.  Like the logo above, this Seahawk is flipped - so usually you see the Seahawk facing right, but my patch faces left.  So it'd be on Seneca's left sleeve.  It looks like this:
Look at that gorgeousness!  You get the nicely defined head of the Seahawk just off the jersey, plus the curve of the eyelid, and then that sliver of green from the eye with the rest of the eye white as well.  Here' a close-up:
Not only is this my first Seahawks eye card, but it's also my first logo patch or three color patch of Seneca PERIOD.  See, the Hawks and Browns (and ISU for that matter) don't have a lot of color variations to their jerseys.  Aside from the shoulder numbering of an ISU jersey and the logo patch of the Seahawks (and maybe the front jersey numbering of the Senior Bowl jersey), 3 color jerseys just don't exist in the Seneca Wallace card universe.  So when one joins my collection, it is a time for celebration.  And when that one includes the intense Seahawks eye...well that card just straight up makes my day.

So I can now finally say I've arrived as a Seneca collector.  I've got a three color patch, a logo patch, and that illustrious Seahawks eye all from one bubble mailer.  And it's all thanks to the great 0264 roadrunner.  Thanks so much man, my collection wouldn't be the same without you!