Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seneca #218, or Patience Rules!

The average serial #-ing of my remaining Seneca Wallace needs drops just under 25 with this pickup.

You're not misreading that.  Aside from 3 non numbered cards (2 of which might actually be numbered),  one /300, one /150, one /125, four /100, one /99, one /55, and one /52, every Seneca card I need is limited to a print run of /50 or fewer.  So progress now could be a slow crawl - but it's nice having that impressive of a collection!

The problem with a slow crawl is that when a card is available, it becomes very tempting to snatch it up.  So when I noticed that this jersey card /225 was available on Ebay at the "low" price of $19.99, I was quite tempted to hit the BIN.  Of course the card only "books" for $12, so it'd be an overpay, but hey I never see these and it'd be a new card, so I was tempted.

I didn't buy...and a month later it was down to about $12.99.  Not bad...but still I could do better.  So I waited.

Another month goes by...and woila!  Two versions of this card show up on Ebay.  One starts at $0.99 with $2.50 shipping.  The other?  Started at $0.99 with $0.45 shipping!  I put in a bit, won it, and got this beauty for just $1.44.  Now that's cheap for Ebay, and the card looks (and shipped) great!
The best part, aside from the red collegiate jersey being truly game used?  It's #'d 002/225.  I love getting low numbers in a print run, especially when the company prints the extra 0's.  If I picked up a card #'d 0006/1250, for example, I would be in heaven.  Two zeroes is pretty cool in and of itself though, so I love this pickup and I'm glad to continue progressing towards the master set!


  1. Great pickup. I dig the double 0's as well, though 007 is really the best you can get.

  2. Haha so true. Shaken, not stirred.