Monday, June 11, 2012

Seneca #219 - One Away From My New Year's Goal!

A seller on Ebay with Iowa State ties had this card listed for the longest time at $15.99 plus shipping.  That seemed...high...and as I tend to do now, I waited the guy out.  And this time, the seller did not come down to my price.

Luckily, another seller popped up with a version of this card for sale.  $2.25 shipping cost, which isn't bad.  The price?

9 cents.

Yeah I'll pay that every time,  My minimum bid managed to win the card (as many minimum Seneca bids do), and a few days later this Seneca became the first piece of cardboard to be mailed to me at my Cincinnati address:
This is the lowest #'d parallel of this card, with the others being a bronze and a silver.  The holofoil has a nice refractor like shine around the patch.  It's also #'d to 150, and I like how it this one has a fat round 120 beforehand.  4/5's for you teachers out there like me ;-).

I just won card #220 yesterday, and it's a big'un.  hopefully it'll get here by the end of the week, and if it does I'll happily show it off!

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