Friday, June 29, 2012

I finally "bought out" my biggest competitor

When I first began collecting Seneca Wallace cards, way back when I had like maybe 10 cards, THE Seneca Wallace collector was Bradical.  He had the most Seneca stuff I had ever found online, he was the most willing to discuss Seneca's NFL prospects, and he even had the first 1/1 I ever found online.  He had the collection that my collection aspired to be.

Somewhere along the way I beat him in total number of cards, and he then said he'd sell me his 1/1.  That was an awesome day for my collection, but he said that was likely it since he still liked collecting Seneca.  But now, a year and a half later, he decided to get out of the Seneca game.  So a few days ago we had a little chat on Blowout, worked out a good price, and I ended up buying the last four Seneca cards I needed from him.  I'll be spreading those cards over the next four posts, from highest serial # to lowest.

The first of these cards is the biggest print run I still needed, which is /300.  I already owned the gold version of this /25, and this card finishes off the two card "set:"
I will always love the image of this card, since it's that hulkamaniac pose I mentioned last time.  Great card, nice little swatch, and a great start to these next few posts featuring cards from Bradical.


  1. Congrats on the acquisitions, looking forward to seeing them!