Friday, June 22, 2012

Seneca #221 is a new first!

Even if you've followed my blog for a while, you might not know too much about Seneca Wallace. You might not know what school he went to, or his career stats, or his favorite kind of dog, or any of those fun things. But thanks to the many pieces of cardboard I've shown you probably know he was uniform #15 in college (at ISU) and in the NFL while with the Seahawks (He's #6 now with the Browns but that is neither here nor there). That is important for this pick up because this card is #'d to 15, one of only two such cards in Seneca's master set. For a long time card companies have occasionally produced sets numbered to the player's jersey number and I always thought these were cool. Now I have one of my own! This one is #'d 4/15, and it is the gold parallel of 2003's Fleer Mystique Secret Weapon insert:

Shiny huh? It's a little chopped up around the edges but I don't mind too much, especially since the odds of me seeing another one of these cards again are close to zilch. I had never seen this card before it popped up on Ebay a few weeks ago, and I've only seen Seneca's /15 in a private collection and in a weird story. The private collection wants $40 for it...the weird story traded it (#'d 15/15) and 7 other "number cards" (meaning they were all the player's jersey number and the last # in the set, i.e. 7/7, 16/16, etc.) for a Mark Brunell 8/8 he desperately needed. So I'm happy one of these /15's popped up at all, as it looks great in my collection and is extra special due to the numbering!

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