Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Cardboard Resolutions - a Halfway Point Review

Dennis over at the Too Many blogs reviewed his resolutions - made me curious as to how I'm doing so far.  So here are the four resolutions I made for this year with my current progress on each:

1. Get to 220 distinct Senecas. Only 15, but with pickings getting more slim this could be tricky. Always good to aim low because you never know!
Success!  I'm at 225 with 6 months to spare.  I'll reset my end of year goal to 240 - going to be very difficult since the pickings are getting slim, but hey stranger things have happened!

2. Pick up another Seneca Wallace 1/1. I've sort of stalled at three, with only 3 other known in existence that'll be hard to pry. Hopefully I can grab one in 2012, plate or otherwise!
A remarkable success!  I didn't think I'd find another plate for a while, but one popped up randomly in the early months of 2012 and I made it mine.  I'll reset this goal to hopefully pick up another 1/1 between now and 2013.

3. Complete a set. Worth a second try, and I'll include subsets like the 1995 Topps League Leaders.
A big no so far, but getting VERY close on 1995 Topps.  I think I'll probably complete that by year's end.  I did make this harder on myself though by cutting the amount of sets I'm collecting.  I now limited it to just a few sets that I really want instead of a bunch I kind of want.  Of course the ones I really want are harder to complete!

4. Trade/sell more cards! I have a lot of base that still need to go somewhere - I'm hoping I'll move a lot of them for stuff I need. Never hurts to get stuff moving!
A rousing success!  In Dennis' post he listed his purchases and sales over the past year, and that made me look at my own purchases and sales (yeah I keep track haha).  If you count just card sales, I just about broke even.  If you count blog ads as well, I'm actually in the green regarding my collecting so far this year!  That is awesome and also kind of the goal since I had to student teach this spring and had no income coming in as a result.  So this was definitely the best goal for me to meet!  I won't make a new goal in its place since I'm more financially stable now.

So there you have it, three goals met and one goal still on the docket.  I made two new goals above (240 Senecas by year's end and 1 new 1/1 by year's end) and hopefully I'll stick to those.  Let's hope these next 6 months are just as productive!


  1. Wow, that looks like a pretty successful six months for you so far. Time to hit up SportLots for #3!

  2. Pretty good, especially on all the Seneca pickups.