Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seneca #220 has a SWEET patch

I've mentioned before where I'm finally hitting that point where all the "common" Seneca stuff is in my collection and the rest of the online pickings are slim. The Ebay Gods must have felt bad for me lately though, as out of nowhere two very rare Senecas that I had never seen before popped up within days of each other. I won the one card (this card) and am winning the other as of this post, so hopefully I'll have two new additions when all is said and done! This is a card I was all but willing to give up on, as I hadn't been able to find many instances of it for ANY player supposedly in the set, let alone Seneca. It's from 2003 Press Pass, and it's the "Jersey Name" edition, implying the swatch comes from the nameplate. I already had the two lower end jerseys and the slightly higher end "Jersey Patch" /10 (which comes from the Iowa State lettering near the jersey collar), so this was a nice edition and finishes off my 2003 Press Pass Seneca master set! Although if I'm ever going to buy doubles they will be from 2003 Press Pass, since these, Sage cards, and the Topps Collegiate Senior Bowl Patches are the only sets which actually used game used material of Seneca in 2003. Anyway, I ought to show you the card. It looks like this, and is #'d 4/25:
I love the split of the yellow, which appears to be part of the W in Wallace (or maybe the A?). The patch is also interesting because the lettering on the jerseys had a maroonish highlight around the outsides that was painted on before the letters, and you can see that painted look very clearly here. The actual ISU uniforms were a bright red, but the painting is a much, MUCH darker red, and I think this is my first patch showcasing that color discrepancy. Needless to say I love it, and I'm happy it was the card that officially met my goal of 220 Senecas by year's end!

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