Sunday, August 18, 2013

The State of Left Handed QBs as we approach the 2013 NFL Season

A few notes first:
1. Two posts in one day?  Yup.  Now I probably won't post for another 2 months.
2. I recently found out that a word like QBs, plural, doesn't need an apostrophe.  I always wrote that as QB's, and I also wrote stuff like DVD's or 1970's  All of those were I know and maybe you do too!

Anyway, no matter how much my interest in posting cards or goofy names or stuff of that nature wanes, I'm always interested in the fate of left handed quarterbacks.  Couldn't really tell you why, it's just a strange niche in the football world and I like to stay on top of it.  I captured where lefties stood heading into the lefty-less 2013 draft, and now that we're closer to the season I'd like to edit my list a bit.  So here goes:

1. Michael Vick, Eagles (last time 1st)
Vick went into the preseason in something like a 4 or 5 Quarterback battle due to Chip Kelly's mindset of no prior allegiances and may the best man win.  He has since done his best to cement a starting job, completing an impressive 13 of 15 passes for 199 yards including a DeSean Jackson touchdown (He also tossed in one interception and two carries for twenty yards).  If Vick can keep his completion % up while keeping the turnovers down, it seems he'll be a pretty safe bet to start for the Eagles and could possibly even surprise some people this year.  As is he's the only lefty quarterback who can even smell the hint of a starting job, so kudos to Vick for continuing to fight the good lefty fight.

2. Kellen Moore, Lions (last time 2nd)
Moore has not looked great in this NFL preseason.  In two games he is 11 of 18 for 73 yards, which isn't great at all especially if he hopes to unseat Shaun Hill (who has been fighting injuries) as Matt Stafford's backup.  Potentially worse news for Moore is that Thaddeus Lewis, the week 17 starter in Cleveland last year and a GSNHOF favorite, went 4/6 for 38 yards last week as the Lions 4th stringer.  Moore has a stronger pedigree than Lewis and was drafted by Detroit so you'd think he'd be safe, but many once thought the same of Matt Leinart and you'll see him much farther down this list.

3. Pat White, Redskins (last time 5th)
If it weren't for RG3's injury during last season's playoffs, White is still probably out of the league.  But injuries happen, and in last week's Preseason win for the Redskins 4th strong (behind Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman as well) White led the Redskins to victory with 31 yards on 5 of 8 passing (including a few drops by his receivers) and 33 yards on 5 carries (including a touchdown).  With RG3 and Cousins firmly entrenched as QB1 and QB2, White has to unseat Sexy Rexy if he's gonna stick around for the regular season.  I wouldn't bet against him, but it's not going to be easy.  That said, if he continues to excel White could see another team grab him as a third stringer closer to the regular season.

4. Tim Tebow, Patriots (last time 3rd)
When I last did this list, people had no idea what the Jets were gonna do with Tebow.  Since then he was cut, signed by the Pats, and has put together a straight up awful preseason.  His first start was okay, but thanks to a week two where he threw for -1 yard Tebow currently sits at 5/19 passing for 54 yard and a pick.  He does have 10 carries for 61 yards which shows that his feet are making some moves, but if Tebow continues passing this inaccurately there is a very good chance he'll be cut by the Pats.

5. Matt Leinart, FA (last time 4th)
It's been a rough little stretch for Leinart, who watched fellow 2006 draftee get signed by the Packers while also getting dissed by Adrian Peterson.  Leinart is one of the best free agent QBs left on the market, but with all the youth in the league this year it might not be easy for Leinart to get a job.

6. Sean Canfield, FA (last time 6th)
Canfield continues to see zero interest from NFL teams, and with Seneca Wallace or Luke McCown looking to backup Drew Brees in NOLA (and Ryan Griffin looking at a practice squad spot) I don't think Canfield will end up back with the Saints.  At this point I'd be kinda surprised if Canfield sees another team in the NFL.

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