Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Seneca of the Teensy Tiny Variety!

So people often say "I've been looking for such and such card for x years," and it's always really cool when they find that card and get to post about it.  Since I've been looking for every Seneca card I don't have since I started collecting him, which was like 2010, I've been looking for every card I don't yet have for 3-4 years.  So every new card is awesome!  But this one struck me as extra awesome, in a few ways.

So someone on the Blowout Forums made a thread about cards that just don't even seem to exist.  A few guys posted, and I soon realized that a few of them were fellow 2003 draftee collectors...a guy who collects Dallas Clark, a fellow Seneca fan who collects Marcus Trufant, and a guy who collects Terrell Suggs.  Our collections have a lot of similar sets to chase so I got to talking with some of the guys, especially the Suggs guy, and he confirmed for me that a few sets that seemed like they must exist did in fact exist.  I mean it's hard when you're looking for a /125 card and it never turns up in 3-4 years...makes you think the card was never really made in the first place!

The card in question was Seneca's Fleer Tradition Mini /125 (with Ken Dorsey and Chris Simms), which parallels the base card and the Tiffany /200.  The Suggs guy said that he had a bead on one a few years after 2003 and missed it, and then a few years later he found another one and snatched it up cheap.  So rare...but not so hard to find.

Feeling rejuvenated, I popped the card name into Google on a whim.  And one of the first hits was this card for sale...on some weird site called eCrater...for $0.50 with $2 shipping!  I had never heard of the site but they looked legit and I was protected by paypal so I took the plunge.  And I'm glad I did, because a few days later this puppy was mine:
Looks strikingly similar to the base and tiffany in design, and if I didn't tell you it was a mini you might not know...until you see the back regular sized on the scanner:
See, teensy tiny.  088/125, and a very nice get for me since it finishes off my Fleer Tradition miniset.  So yay for a new pickup!

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