Saturday, October 5, 2013

Senecas 236 and 237, from a familiar source

As the number of Seneca Wallace cards I need gets smaller and smaller, the sources for said cards also shrinks in number.  It used to be that there were always a few cards I needed on popular sites like Ebay, COMC, Beckett Marketplace, etc., but that is no longer the case.  Lately there have only been two known places for me to get cards I need - the collection of the guy with the Seneca Championship Ticket 1/1 and the collection of the guy with the Seneca LCM Mirror Black 1/1.  And since the Championship Ticket is the only card I need from that guy and isn't going anywhere anytime soon, my only realistic avenue has been LCM Black we made another deal!

Now for those following my Seneca Quest that was mentioned here and on Blowout, I was for a while trying to raise funds to buy the Mirror Black from him.  I got up around $300 and had a kind Blowout member offer me whatever it took to get to $450 from his pocket (i.e. about $150) if I made the offer before the weekend was through.  I did, and the Mirror Black guy said no, so it seems that that card (and 3 of the other rarer cards he has) are out of the picture for the time being.  But he had two "lower end" cards (in quotes because they're still super rare /50 entries that I've never seen aside from his personal collection) and we were able to make a deal for the two for $30 shipped.

(I should add it was $30 but then he went out of town for a week and then forgot to ship for another week and a half.  He felt guilty for making me wait and gifted me $5 paypal back for my troubles, so really just $25 for these guys!)

Both cards come from the 2003 UD Pros and Prospects set, which I was two cards away from completion on.  So that means this subset is complete!  Always nice when you can complete a subset in one package!

Card one is a parallel of Seneca and Antwaan Randle El.  They paired Seneca and Antwaan for two "base" cards in this set (/1800 and /50) as well as for three jersey cards that I had previously shown off.  The /1800 card is all over the internet but I'd never seen the /50 until here, and I think the gold accents make it look quite nice!

The other card is from the solo Seneca jersey cards.  There's a /350 and a /75 parallel, and like the card above I had never seen a /50 until this one here.  I always wonder if the cards in this set ever have patches...I've never seen any and all of my Senecas from the set are plain red swatches:
That said, as with Sage and Press Pass from this year, all the red swatches are college game worn so I can't really complain about a one color swatch when that's the case!  plus it looks nice with the card, which has that big golden hue but then is sprinkled with red all over the place.  Solid card.

Speaking of patches though, I have a few on the way that I think you guys will like.  None are cards I needed, but given the patches and the price they set me back it was really far too good an offer to pass up.  I think you all will agree!

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