Sunday, January 5, 2014

Michael Bishop Autographs A'Plenty

I'm not even at my Christmas goodies yet...blame that on starting three collections right before Christmas came!  So here's a few of my nicer pick ups of late!  These are all Michael Bishop autographs, a few of which come from Blowout but most of which were part of a COMC grab recently.

The first is from COMC, and is Bishop's Skybox Autographics auto.  In Beckett it is listed as "Michael Bishop/D/EX/MM/S," which...huh?  But here it is:
Kind of a sloppy auto on this one, but it continues what I love about Bishop - with Seneca his auto is super consistent across cards.  With Bishop his is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  You'll see that in this post for sure.  I also dig the official stamp just above the autograph.
If you didn't believe the stamp, the back also authenticates the autograph.  Ahhh the days of a fairly explicit, pretty easy to understand authentication process.  So nice.

From Blowout, I was able to get Bishop's Contenders auto.  It's not numbered, but it had a print run of 1825 supposedly:
SO SHINY!  I already have the Speed Red /100 so it's nice to get the base auto too.  This auto is super short and fast, and I could understand why since Bishop had to sign 1,825 of these!  Still good though.
I dig the back as well.  I always liked how Contenders worked in some stats for the team the guy was going to as well as some college stats from the year before.  Sort of "here's where the teams at, here's what this guy brings to the table."  Succint.  Nice.

A third wild autograph approaches!  This one from Press Pass:
On card again (NICE) and the nicest auto of the bunch so far!  I really love the way Bishop uses the space given here, no overlap with any designs but he also fills pretty much all the empty space.
And then the back, again, is a nice little certification.  I like that Press Pass tells us to "enjoy this special card."  Ahhh the days when an autographed card was special and collectors could smile on this card instead of complaining they didn't hit that year's Andrew Luck or JaMarcus Russell or something.

The last card, and my personal favorite, is a Score Preview Autograph.  This one isn't numbered, but it supposedly had a print run of /600.  I've seen these on Ebay at like $10 and up, but COMC had a WAY cheaper one so I snatched it up:
Beautiful auto here, no?  It blends in with the design a bit but I still think it's the best signature of the bunch.  Neat card too, what with the yellow highlighting touches and the gold script name plate.  The Score logo is kinda random in there but I even like that too.
The back is fun, I always liked the tearing look on cards where it's like augggh look how badass this card is!  I also like that Bishop is blocking the Preview word, like he's physically on the card or something.  The write up is interesting as well, as it seems to predict a Kordell Stewart-like future for Bishop in the NFL.  This write-up isn't the first place I ever saw that comparison, but Bishop always seemed a bit more prototypical QB to me than Stewart.  Couldn't give you a good reason why.  Anyways, neat cards.


  1. Nice stuff! I've always liked the Skybox Autographics sets!