Monday, December 15, 2014

Holy shit snacks! A wild 1/1 approaches...with a backstory!

Feels like I have been stuck on 4 Seneca Wallace 1/1's (out of 28) for FOREVER.  Last one I grabbed was in early 2013 for darn sakes.

Well all that changed last week.  Now, I have FIVE.  Only this one is especially special...because I thought it was gone forever a few years ago.

Like many of you probably do, I keep a list of cards I need for my collection.  Like somewhat less of you probably do, I note when rarer cards pop up, so I will have a reference in the future regarding sale prices.  Like even less of you probably do (but hopefully nonzero), I will occasionally note specific sellers of these cards, in hopes that down the line I can message them or something about the card in question.

Well with this card, I found it in an Ebay auction (via Google) several years ago.  The auction had ended, but it did not really matter anyways as the lot sold for like $802 so I was kind of out of luck.  Assuming the buyer bought to resell, I messaged the original seller to see if he could hook me up with that guy's name.  But the seller said the buyer claimed he had never received and that it was a sore subject (understandable...who wants to refund someone $800+ when you did your part?) I noted his name and the auction, but otherwise the path ended there.

So years went by...I assumed the card was lost...and then this pops up on Ebay the other day with a $50 BIN/OBO:

I was so pumped, beyond pumped, and almost immediately offered a decent price that was accepted.  But THEN I was the magenta version...the one that went missing in the Ebay auction gone foul so many years ago:

I still had the original seller's name, so I messaged him to let him know.  He remembered the general situation, but could not remember the scammer's name, and seemed to want to move on.  I also asked the new seller about it, as his name seemed familiar and I swore he had a few more cards from that $800+ lot.  He just told me he got this card "in a lot a while back," and while that opened a can of worms for me, the original seller figured to just let bygones be bygones.

So on the one hand, I wish I could've solved this case - even if I had to give up this card, it would've been nice to get the original seller his money back, even if he doesn't really seem to care any more.

But on the other hand, I am SO EXCITED for this card.  It is my 5th plate (of 20), 5th 1/1 (of 28), and most importantly, 2nd plate from 2009 Mayo.  All I need is Black and Yellow and I will have the full set (and every card of Seneca's from 2009).

So happy day!  I'm glad this card made it's way back into the universe...and to me.

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