Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stickers: An Album Cover(ed)

So I've been dragging my feet on the whole stickered album thing.  Finally decided to finish off my first album tonight this week, and I think it looks pretty good!
First I grabbed a few Red Sox aces from a few years back:
The Wakefield is especially cool since it's so shiny, but I like the classic feel of the Cracker Jack cards as well.

Then I HAD to add one of my Perlorian Cat stickers.  They're so weird...some guy dressed up cats and then posed them and they became a whole sticker set in 1983.  Bizarre:
I also had a few weird gaps on the I decided to use some of the leftover Bazooka NFLers to fill them.

And wa-la!
I need to get some tape or something to stick a few of these down - there are a handful I pulled off and on too much, ruining the stickiness.  Bu overall I think it's awesome.  Just under Wakefield in the middle right I put DeAngelo Hall first with Dunta Robinson then covering like 70% of Hall.  It makes me chuckle, so I think it was a good addition.

The only weird part is all the white space around Gary Sheffield in the bottom right.  I don't think I'm going to do anything about it, but I will make sure my next album (or the back cover of this one if I go that route) is either all squares and rectangles or all free players with white space behind them.  You can never be too OCD with these things, right?

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  1. You just need to find a few of the small circular team stickers to place in the white space.

    That Wakefield is awesome!