Monday, November 23, 2015


So, as with any good COMC purchase, I grabbed a bunch of Mike James cards!  Here's the best ones.

The best of the best is probably this TSC Beam Team auto:
Love me some Beam Team.  Especially since James threw in his jersey number.

Here'a a Chrome Refractor that's pretty dang nice.  Love how these pop:

I'm getting to know these Trademark Moves cards pretty well.  This is the Swish parallel, which has a nice little shot of James j-ing up a three:
And then here's the regular card, which sports an awesome headband:
I was also able to get the headband card in the wood auto parallel, which is #'d out of just out of 19!  That's very cool:

One last card, and another auto.  It's this Mike James sticker auto from Limited:

You don't hear much about the football Mike James these days given how well Doug Martin has been playing.  Plus his backups have been Charles Sims and Bobby Rainey.  So James was actually cut and signed to the Practice Squad, which isn't awesome but is interesting.  At least there's still a Mike James still around!

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  1. It's amazing how the NBA Mike James got his career to last so long. He was actually the oldest player in the League for a while. It's so rare for somebody not considered a superstar to keep coming back like he did. Love the refractor...I'm a huge refractor fan.