Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another COMC 100 - JOSE!

I grabbed a lot of PC stuff in my latest COMC binge, but by far the most cards I grabbed of one guy was Jose Lopez.  I ended up with something like 20 cards of his - I'll show my favorite nine here.

My favorite card of his that I picked up is yet another BBM card, this one from 2013.  Even though Lopez seems to be done playing in the states, he's been around in Japanese baseball since 2015:
His first season in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants went very well, with a .303/.346/.480 slash and 18 homers.  In season two he dropped back a bit, which ended up with Lopez moving to the Yokohoma DeNA Baystars for 2015.  He had probably his best season in Japanese baseball yet with the Baystars, including 25 homers and 73 RBI, so I hope to someday grab a 2015 card of Jose's from his new team!

Most of the rest of the cards I grabbed were all slight parallels of one another.  Like I grabbed his Diamond Kings card and the blue frame parallel /100:

As well as these Turkey Red Red and Turkey Red White parallels:

This Xfractor is a parallel of a Chrome card I already own.  I think the Xfractor shine goes really well with the Seattle colors:

And then these cards look nearly the same minus the crop but are from entirely different years.  I guess that's called stance consistency:

The last Lopez I'll show off here is a jersey card of his that I picked up.  I actually used to own one of these, but gave it to my little brother many moons ago since he's also a Lopez fan.  Now I have my own All Star Stitches card:
Crazy to think Jose Lopez was ever an All Star, especially since it was for a season where he hit just 10 homers and had an OPS+ of 89.  I guess that's life as a second sacker in the MLB!

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