Monday, February 27, 2012

Ballot 7 of the GSNHOF is FINALLY HERE!

Voting for Ballot Seven of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame HAS ENDED! See the results here.

The last time the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame inducted a new member into the HOF, it was over a year ago. My Seneca Wallace Supercollection was just a twinkle in my collecting eye. Student Teaching was a far off dream. Billy Crystal was likely to never host the Oscar's again. Times were...different.

Point is, it has been far too long! So here we go with Ballot 7, which will hopefully result in some new blood for the Hall! Rules are listed below for those that need them.

Names up for election on Ballot 7 include:
1. Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third
2. Lucious Pusey
3. Ben Gay
4. Misty Hyman
5. Ten Million
6. Manli Wang
7. Razor Shines
8. Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo
9. Pete LaCock
10. Baskerville Holmes
11. Waskal Adames
12. Harry Chappas
13. Jay Walker
14. Jorge Poo Tang
15. Rich Parent
16. Hugh Quattlebaum
17. Doug Fister
18. Alamazoo Jennings
19. Clint Goocher
20. Bum-Ho Lee

The Rules:
1. Read the ballot list above once again. Chuckle, chortle, giggle even. Repeat.

2. Pick between one and ten names from the list that you think stand out above the rest. If you think seven names rule, pick seven. If only one makes the grade, vote for one. Up to you.

3. Either comment or email me (at gsnhof at gmail dot com) and write down your list of favorites. This is your "ballot," and this is where I take the votes from! If you comment you won't actually see your vote in the comments, because I want to keep the votes hidden until the big reveal, so don't be worried if your comments don't show up.

4. If there's a name you think is hilarious that you'd like to be eligible for future voting but don't see here, let me know. It could be a part of a future ballot!

5. That's all you've got to do, but if you are interested in the official rules and regulations of the GSNHOF, you can check them out here.

Make your selections ladies and gents, as we've got to keep this hall legit! Voting is open until March 16, 2010 at 11:59pm, which gives you 18 days to post your votes! This way we can try and get a lot of people to vote before things end, and I'll have a long time to tally up the votes in case student teaching tries to get in the way! March 16th is actually the midpoint of my spring break, so I should be plenty free to put a post up around then!

That's about it for this ballot, except for one thing - feel free to promote it if you want to! I usually mention it on facebook and send out a few emails to try to gain some votes and make this a real collaborative effort, since the more votes = the merrier with this Hall. So tweet about it, blog about it, post pieces of paper in your laundry room - let's get some people voting for this ballot! The previous high voter tally is 47, and I definitely think we can best that!


  1. Sorry, I'm boycotting until Seth Schwindenhammer is on the ballot...

  2. Haha! Then he will definitely be on the next ballot!