Monday, September 7, 2009

The Results of Ballot Five of the GSNHOF

You make a list of 20-25 names, tell people to vote on it, and assume that a few of those names will be on 55% of ballots. It's an easy assumption to make - it's like putting Martin Lawrence and Danny DeVito in a zany role reversal comedy. What's the worst that could happen?

Well I can't really speak for the movie, but I can for Ballot Five, and the results, as they were on Ballot Three, are pretty awkward. Not a single name was elected to the Truly Great Names section of the GSNHOF, and unlike Ballot Three, where four names had over 40%, this ballot hardly had anyone close, with only one name on over 40% of the ballots. I think I may have chosen too many good names for once, because for the first time in GSNHOF history, every single name received at least two votes. This includes Ballot Two, which had 47 voters to this Ballot's 24 total ballots, so color me impressed. I guess you guys at least liked the names, even if you couldn't agree on the truly great ones.

Also impressive? The blogger turn out! I count Night Owl Cards, The Collective Troll, Baseball Cards Come to Life!, Tribecards, drewscards and the FDH Lounge among the bloggers that voted. Thanks for giving your opinions guys!

But enough rambling, it's time to show you who landed where.

First, the names that move on to Ballot Six (listed by number of ballots mentioned on out of 24 and followed by number of ballots appeared on thus far, respectively):
10 - Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third (5th Chance)
9 - Ten Million, Misty Hyman, Manli Wang (3rd Chance, 3rd Chance, 2nd Chance)
7 - Lucious Pusey, Ben Gay, D'Brickashaw Ferguson (5th Chance, 4th Chance, 3rd Chance)
6 - Earthwind Moreland, Destiny Frankenstein, Prince Octopus Dzanie, Razor Shines (4th Chance, 3rd Chance, 2nd Chance, 1st Chance)
5 - Jung Bong, Jetsy Extrano, Arrowhead (5th Chance, 1st Chance, 1st Chance)

Notes on the names that remain:
- Wonderful has been on between 36 and 44% of the ballots every single election. I don't know what it's going to take for him to make the jump to the Hall, but I hope it happens soon.
- Misty Hyman and Manli Wang are neck in neck in the race to become the first female name in the GSNHOF. Destiny Frankenstein watches on from a distant third.
- Jung Bong, another name remaining from the inaugural ballot (along with Wonderful and Lucious Pusey) barely remains thanks to a last minute vote from my friend Joe. But his time appears up.
- Razor Shines was the only new name to top 21%

The following names were eliminated on Ballot Five (thus joining the Good Names), and are no longer eligible for election to the Truly Great Names:
4 - Nana Papa Yaw Dwene Mensah-Bonsu, Kirby Dar Dar (2nd Chance, 2nd Chance)
3 - Henry Henry, Pete Peeters, Atari Bigby, Taylor Teagarden, Duany Duany (All 1st Chance)
2 - Chansi Stuckey, Longar Longar (Both 1st Chance)

Notes on the eliminated names:
- Both Pops (Nana Papa) and Chansi Stuckey have twitters, and so I tweeted them to see if they could muster up some fan support. Pops didn't help me but Chansi actually retweeted, and about 60-70 of his followers visited my site the next day. Sadly only one of them actually voted, and so Chansi finished tied with Longar Longar for last place.
- 7 of the 10 new names ended up eliminated from the ballot, setting a record for most new names eliminated since Ballot One. I guess the bevy of double names was just too much.

So there you have it, Ballot Five in a nutshell. It always sucks to have no new names added, but I guess sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes...well, he eats you.

For the second ballot in a row, I'm leaving you with the wish that Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third garners the extra 15% he needs next time around. Beyond that I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted, and that I hope you're excited for the next ten names that'll be added to Ballot Six!

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