Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Results of Ballot Six of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

14 of 24 names from Ballot Six were eliminated from further voting.

And you know what? I'm happy with those results, as well as some of the other results of this ballot, even if we fell well short of my goal of 100 voters with only 35.

Regarding the number of voters per ballot, I really need to set my expectation to 50 voters. I had 47 voters for Ballot Two of the GSNHOF, but that was only after I facebook messaged a ton of school friends to get them to vote for me. Ballot Six's 35 voters took a lot less work/prodding than those Ballot two voters, and as a result were a lot more meaningful to me in general. I'll take 34 people who care over 47 who just want me to go away any day! It's also the first time my Dad voted, which was pretty cool. Thanks Dad! And thanks to everyone else who voted as well!

As for being happy about all the eliminations, that can be explained by the voting ballot of Mad Guru, where he stated,

"Just one name on my ballot. Don't want the Hall watered down with Jim Rice quality names."

Now I always vote for ten names, because I find them all so funny. But I want my Hall to represent the best, and I guess knocking out the also rans is a good way to ensure that. Despite going through six ballots, only four names have ever officially joined the Hall section of this blog, and so I'd say the sanctity of the Hall has been respected so far. May it continue to be respected through the ages, even if that means a lot of names I like get eliminated.

So I've been chatting an awful lot, but I guess I should get to the actual results of Ballot Six. As I alluded to above, no new names joined the Truly Great section of the GSNHOF. It actually wasn't really even close, as only one name was on more than 40% of ballots, and even then just barely. But that'll happen.

As for the names that move on to Ballot Seven, there were ten, all of whom reached the required 20%+ of ballots (here 7 ballots) needed to stick around. I will list them here, by number of ballots mentioned on (out of 35) followed by number of ballots appeared on thus far, respectively:
15 - Baskerville Holmes (1st Ballot)
14 - Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third (6th Ballot)
13 - Razor Shines (2nd Ballot)
12 - Manli Wang (3rd Ballot)
11 - Lucious Pusey (6th Ballot)
11 - Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo (1st Ballot)
10 - Misty Hyman (4th Ballot)
9 - Pete LaCock (1st Ballot)
8 - Ben Gay (5th Ballot)
7 - Ten Million (4th Ballot)

Notes on the names that remain:
- Another ballot, another finish between 36 and 44% for Wonderful Terrific Monds. He has one last ballot to make it in before he falls off Ballots for good, and I know I'm really pulling for the guy!
- Interestingly enough, at least one name remains from every ballot I've introduced. Ballots 2, 4, and 5 all have one name left each (Ben Gay, Manli Wang, and Razor Shines, respectively).
- This is the first ballot where more first timers continued on than any other ballot. Baskerville Holmes was the big favorite (which surprised me since my girlfriend didn't really like the name), but Pete LaCock and Dikembe Mutumbo decided to stick around as well.
- Ten Million was originally reported as finished, but I found someone's ballot in my gmail spam folder after the results were posted. Since the ballot was technically written before Ballot 6 ended its votes were legit, and so Ten Million just squeaked in at exactly 20% of the vote.

The following names were eliminated on Ballot Six (thus joining the Good Names), and are no longer eligible for election to the Truly Great Names:
6 - Arrowhead (2nd Ballot)
6 - Destiny Frankenstein (4th Ballot)
6 - Sixto Lezcano (1st Ballot)
6 - Prince Octopus Dzanie (3rd Ballot)
5 - D'Brickashaw Ferguson (4th Ballot)
5 - Earthwind Moreland (5th Ballot)
5 - Jung Bong (6th Ballot)
4 - Given Kutz (1st Ballot)
3 - Jetsy Extrano (2nd Ballot)
2 - Al Bansavage (1st Ballot)
2 - Chukwuemeka Ndubuisi Okafor (1st Ballot)
2 - Barbaro Canizares (1st Ballot)
1 - Chamique Holdsclaw (1st Ballot)
0 - Dimaster Delgado (1st Ballot)

Notes on the eliminated names:
- Dimaster Delgado was the LVP of this ballot, going 0-34 on ballots. 0-34 may look ugly, but it's not the record: JamesOn Curry actually holds the record for most ballots without receiving a vote, going 0-47 on Ballot Two.
- Jung Bong finally left the ballot, and coincidentally it was the first ballot on which I didn't vote for him. I'll miss him, but his name probably didn't really belong, so I'll live.
- Names I am especially surprised to see go include Jetsy Extrano (I still think that's one of the best names ever), Earthwind Moreland, and Given Kutz. I really like Al Bansavage since I made the Boy Meets World association, but I recognize that he really doesn't belong in the Hall (I did vote for him though haha).

So there you have it everyone, the result of Ballot Six of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. 14 names are out for good, allowing us to sort of start over with a new, fresh list of names. I promise to find 10 of the best names I can get for the next ballot (including Collective Troll's request) as long as you all promise to vote!

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