Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame - Ballot 3

Voting for Ballot Three of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame is now ENDED. For results, see here!

Welcome to the Third Official Ballot of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame!

Ballot One had 18 voters, Ballot Two had 47. With Ballot Three, we hope to have over 100 different people vote! It's a big goal, but definitely reachable with our reader base if you readers make your voices heard!

The rules are simple. Take a look at the list of the names further down this page. Vote for at least one, but no more than ten names that you find particularly great.
If there's a sports name you find truly great that isn't listed but that you wish was, let me know. They may have been on a past ballot (such as HOFers Rusty Kuntz, God Shammgod, or Dick Trickle), and if they weren't, maybe I will introduce them on a future ballot. That's how Earthwind Moreland came to be on this list, so you really never know.

Also, for your information, here are the current percentages associated with our Hall of Fame:
Named on 55% or More of the Ballots - Inducted into the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame
20%-55% - Stay on the Ballot for the next round of voting
20% or Less of the Ballots - No longer eligible for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

Finally, here's the Ballot. 23 names this time, some oldies, some newbies, all pretty solid:
Lucious Pusey
Wonderful Terrific Monds the Third
Jung Bong
Dick Pole
Dick Butkus
Dick Seaman
Paul Dickov (as Pull Dickoff)
Earthwind Moreland
Harry Colon
Milton Bradley
Tim Biakabutuka
Ben Gay
Ron Tugnutt
Ten Million
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala
Isaiah Kacyvenski
Homer Bush
Cortland Temujin Finnegan
Misty Hyman
Usain Bolt
Grlenntys Chief Kickingstallionsims Jr.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Destiny Frankenstein

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